Netrunner Corp Mixes

I’ve been making, soliciting, and collecting playlists inspired by each Netrunner identity. They aim to be about an hour long, as thematically focused as possible with each a slightly different genre feel, but most corps instrumental and most runners with vocals. Every corp is up on 8tracks; other hosts without as many ads welcome! There are a few not finished since I felt they used genres I wasn’t very familiar with or couldn’t acquire mp3s for. If you think you can put one together I can try to add it, or please suggest tracks for those IDs I’ve starred!

Some ground rules for making a playlist:
Use netrunner art of or pertaining to the ID for the cover image
On-theme is more important than in-genre
No repeat artists (guests and side projects are safe, though!)
No songs that are on another one of these playlists
Needs to play in a specific order with a kind of narrative transition
Between 30 and 80 minutes long

ETF: cheesy robot songs – Robyn, Daft Punk, Pet Shop Boys
Building a Better World: financial synthwave – Action Jackson, Mega Drive, Neon Indian
Making News: surveillance synthwave – Com Truise, Satori in Bed, Savlonic
Personal Evolution: spicy synthwave – YMO, Lost Years, Daniel Deluxe +
Stronger Together: robotic synthwave – Assemblage 23, Run Vaylor, Megadrive +
The World is Yours: electroswing? *
RP: Droney and creepy synth – Blanck Mass, Wolf & Raven, Occams Laser +
BWBI: stuff about Walls and Construction and Real Estate
CI: mixed brainwave, mostly the type of wave we call synth – Fuck Buttons, Makeup & Vanity Set, Brothercom +
NEXT: architecture/design themed electro – Royksopp, Glasser, Lonelady +
Custom Biotics: Less cheesy, still robot – Hot Chip, Ladytron, Neon Neon +
GRNDL: industrial? energy themes? somewhat brutal *
NEH: v a p o r +
Blue Sun: power synth – Robert Parker, Dynamaxx, The Neon Overdrive +
IG: Doom metal (by wakks) – Sleep, Earthship, Yob
Foundry: Mechanical electro – Orax, Vulta, Access to Arasaka +
Nisei: psistrance (w/ wakks) – Ajja, Flycker Light, Gatekeeper +
Harmony Medtech: bubbly j-pop, friendly medicine themes, vapor – Blank Banshee, Vektroid, Satellite Young +
Tennin: secretive synthwave – Anachronist, Tommy 86, Blanck Mass +
Cybernetics: dark synthwave, cyborg themes – Glitch Black, Fixions, Judge Bitch +
Biotech: eclectic biology/genetics themes – Xeno & Oaklander, Der Zyklus, Panda Bear +
Haarpsichord: sinister pop – Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Phoenix +
Chronos: there’s always room for more dark synthwave – Nightstop, The Hunt, Cluster Buster +
Gagarin: Spaaaaace – Dynatron, Starforce, Ellen Allien +
Argus: military synthwave – Lazerpunk!, Carpenter Brut, KILLER INSTINCT +
Titan: finance tunes – Laibach, MEN, Dan Deacon +
Palana: food/farming themes *
Harischandra: Bollywood musical songs *
Sync: light synthwave – HOME, The Midnight, Hello Meteor +
Spark: jingle-sampling vaporwave, plunderphonics – Thes One, Mitch Murder, The Avalanches +
Sol: media / news themed lightwave – NINA, Anachronist, Irving Force + *
Builder of Nations: Industrial (fascist) *
PU (by mechanoise): Industrial (regular murder) – Amduscia, YelworC, God Module +
Architects of Tomorrow: krautrock – Trans Am, Turing Machine, Kraftwerk +
CtM: evil media electro – Hudson Mohawke, Unkle, Pleasure Model +
Skorpios: assassinsynth – Perturbator, Deadlife, Protector 101 +
Seidr: time themed electronica – S U R V I V E , Doni, SSQ +
Jemison: rockets and spacewave – Moondragon, Lazer Station, Mulperi +
AgInfusion: alien darksynth – Dan Terminus, STRNGR, NETRVNNER +
ASA: Afrofuturism – Jlin, Chino Amobi, Black Coffee +
Azmari (by Grosseteste): educational – TMBG, Schoolhouse Rock, Hamilton! +
SSO: Afrobeat *
Mti Mwekendu: Ethiojazz
Acme: synthnoir / detective themes – Bourgeoisie, Vogel, Amazing Police +
Outfit: mob movie soundtracks? *
Sportsmetal (w/ Wakks): Athleticwave – Bart Graft, Power Glove, Limousine +
Saraswati: Memory themed synthwave – NINA, Mecha Maiko, Betamaxx +
Mirrormorph: yup, more synthwave – Com Truise, Level-1, Debbie Tebbs
Hyoubu: Revelatory electro – ID:null, Magic Sword, Beatbox Machinery

*: please help