Runner Mixes

I’ve been making, soliciting, and collecting playlists inspired by each Netrunner identity. They aim to be about an hour long, as thematically focused as possible with each a slightly different genre feel, but most corps instrumental and most runners with vocals. Almost every runner is up on 8tracks; other hosts without as many ads welcome! There are a few not finished since I felt they used genres I wasn’t very familiar with or couldn’t acquire mp3s for. If you think you can put one together I can try to add it, or please suggest tracks for those IDs I’ve starred!
Some ground rules for making a playlist:
Use netrunner art of or pertaining to the ID for the cover image
On-theme is more important than in-genre
No repeat artists (guests and side projects are safe, though!)
No songs that are on another one of these playlists
Needs to play in a specific order with a kind of narrative transition
Between 30 and 80 minutes long

Noise – electropunk, new rave – The Prodigy, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Bis +
Gabe (by Mark Tang) – gangster rap – Big Pun, Immortal Technique, La Coka Nostra +
Kate “Mac” McCaffrey – arty indie pop – Björk, Imogen Heap, Laurie Anderson +
Whizzard (by Mark Tang) – nerdcore +
Andromeda – trip-hop, disco, torch – Goldfrapp, Portishead, Little Boots +
Chaos Theory – fun mathy rock – Ponytail, What’s Up, Anamanaguchi
Kit – psychedelic – Grimes, Lydia Ainsworth, Deradoorian +
Exile – Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, The National +
Professor – IDM – Aphex Twin, µ-ziq, Boris Divider +
Reina – orchestral metal, hard rock – Within Temptation, Black Mountain, Otep
Silhouette – motown (by Mark Tang) +
Iain (by Grosseteste) – jazz & classic pop with male vocals +
Ken – EDM (limnrix) / Japanese hip hop (Wakks)
Nasir – postrock / shoegaze – Mogwai, Fujiya & Miyagi, No Joy +
Leela – fighty hip hop – M.I.A., Raja Kumari, Nicki Minaj +
Quetzal – psytrance, tech metal – The Algorithm, Animals as Leaders, Gojira +
Edward Kim (by Wakks) – numetal +
Valencia – protest folk – Joan Baez, Patti Smith, Ana Tijoux
MaxX – old punk by Shaun? / new punk by limnrix – BYOP, White Lung, Le Tigre
Hayley – surf pop / seagaze – Frankie Rose, Best Coast, MADE IN HEIGHTS
Geist – witch house, trap +
Fisk (by OnTheNightTrain) – 80s rock +
Adam – a bioroid’s journey – Trevor Something, Gary Numan, Future Islands +
Sunny – Adult Contemporary Mom Rock – Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, Beth Orton
Apex – glitchy, dark, hypnotic, noisy – HEALTH, Lightning Bolt, Pharmakon +
Jesminder – what the hip kids of Mumbai listen to *
Nero – house, bhangra, Indian contemporary dance music *
Null (by Mark Tang) – old school and experimental hip hop – Death Grips, Doomtree, Jay-Z
Khan – central Asian techno? Stuff about birds? *
Omar – rants, paranoia, & garage – Oh Sees, Kurt Vile, Viet Cong
Smoke – Glam pop, bedroom dance – Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush, Peaches
Steve – male vocal neosynthpop – Duett, FM-84, Kavinsky
Bios – botany/nerdy: by Grosseteste / classical?
Los – ??? *
Alice (by OnTheNightTrain)- Space Prog, “find more tracks like: Knights of Cydonia” +
Kabonesa Wu – more indie pop, extreme sports themed – OY, CHVRCHES, Little Dragon
419 – African & diaspora hip hop, clever scam themed – Wizkid, Gaika, Run the Jewels
Freedom – African and diasporic metal into rock and a little techno *
Akiko – noise/math, experimental w/Japanese female vocals – Deerhoof, Melt-Banana, Boredoms
Gnat – kid rap? Brazilian? *
Liza – Buffy St. Marie, A Tribe Called Red… eclectic but American *
Az – new wave, post punk, synthpop
Lat – new age? smooth jazz?

* needs suggestions or post your 8tracks here
+ in collection

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