Best tracks of 2018


Finally! After a computer and iTunes library crash, I’m finally putting up the entire My Favorite 99 Tracks of 2018. They might not be totally consistent between platforms. There’s absolutely more to be added but I don’t care any more.
Here is a Youtube playlist of the best videos.
The 8tracks should flow into each other, but I’m also not sure whether 8tracks plays without too many ads or at all for non-subscribers.
You can also download the mp3s and playlist from here for the next month or until I lose hosting, whichever happens first.

# Title time album artist

A: Pop

1 Make Me Feel 3:15 Dirty Computer Janelle Monáe
2 Faceshopping 3:57 Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides Sophie
3 We Appreciate Power 5:35 We Appreciate Power Grimes, Hana
4 Heartbreaker 2:35 STAR AhMerAhSu
5 Wha’ You Feel Like 2:37 I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions Santigold
6 Ever Again 4:24 Honey Robyn
7 Juice 3:17 Head Over Heels Chromeo
8 Let You Love Me 3:11 Phoenix (Deluxe) Rita Ora
9 Jaguars in the Air 3:38 So Sad So Sexy Lykke Li
10 When I’m With Him 3:14 Us Empress Of
11 When You’re Wrong 3:29 Caer Twin Shadow
12 Faster Than the Truth 3:48 Broken Politics Neneh Cherry
13 Crown & Key 5:11 Basic Volume Gaika
14 Pray For Me 3:31 Black Panther  The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar
15 SICKO MODE 5:13 ASTROWORLD Travis Scott
16 Charcoal Baby 4:02 Negro Swan Blood Orange
17 Street Fighter Mas 5:58 Heaven and Earth Kamasi Washington

B: Alt/Rock

18 Look at Your Hands 3:46 I can feel you creep into my private life tUnE-YaRdS
19 M.A.H. 2:54 In a Poem Unlimited U.S. Girls
20 Everybody’s Coming To My House 3:30 American Utopia David Byrne
21 Days Of Dust 3:33 Twenty Twenty Molly Nilsson
22 Are We Good? 3:53 Rebound Eleanor Friedberger
23 Nobody 3:13 Be The Cowboy Mitski
24 Bad Luck 3:55 Hell-On Neko Case 100 Years 4:58
25 High As Hope Florence + The Machine
26 Indies or Paradise 4:41 Hunter Anna Calvi
27. Dead Set Eyes 4:59 On Dark Horses Emma Ruth Rundle
28. Lead Us On 3:53 Ferocious Lauren Lakis
29. Never Say Die 4:24 Love Is Dead CHVRCHES
30. Dressed to Suppress 5:43 Art of Doubt Metric
31. Step Outside 4:30 All at Once Screaming Females
32. Charity 4:11 Tell Me How You Really Feel Courtney Barnett
33. Loading Zones 3:23 Bottle It In Kurt Vile
34. An Insult to the Fact Checkers 2:34 I Like Fun They Might Be Giants
35. We All Die Young 4:01 I’ll Be Your Girl The Decemberists
36. Little Dark Age 5:00 Little Dark Age MGMT
37. Come Up With Me 3:19 Twisted Crystal Guerilla Toss
38. Always Ascending 5:22 Always Ascending Franz Ferdinand
39. Outer Space 3:46 Addendum John Maus

C: Punk, metal, & hardcore

40. My Children 3:42 Relatives In Descent Protomartyr
41. Normal People 5:46 Dose Your Dreams Fucked Up
42. Mars 5:28 Mars Upper Wilds
43. Cursed 3:54 Music for the Long Emergency Poliça & s t a r g a z e
44. Black Paint 3:49 Year Of The Snitch Death Grips
45. Forest Fires (unknown virus 3.) 2:07 Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.] Ho99o9
46. It Kills 4:18 Criminal The Soft Moon
47. Overthrown 2:41 Smote Reverser Oh Sees
48. Yandere 4:51 Dirt Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
49. Rats 4:22 Prequelle Ghost
50. Evil Kin 4:15 Palo Kalmah
51. Fathomless Catacombs 5:35 The Outer Ones Revocation
52. Further Down 6:34 A Complex Of Cages Barren Earth
53. When Paradise Fades 4:00 Devouring Radiant Light Skeletonwitch
54. Balancing the Dark 3:59 Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It Rolo Tomassi
55. Darkness 7:36 Nowhere Esben And The Witch
56. White Stains 6:17 Feast for Water Messa
57. Antarcticans Thawed 14:23 The Sciences Sleep
58. XXXL Obersturmfuhrer Leather Duster 2:59 White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers Neckbeard Deathcamp
59. Neo-nazi Metalheads Will Be Hanged and Their Broken Corpses Openly Mocked 2:57 The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed Gaylord

D: Synthwave

60. Rampage 4:00 Death & Glory Lazerpunk!
61. Into the Shadows (feat. Nick Hipa) 4:45 Loved to Death Dance With the Dead
62. Malum 4:05 Possessor GosT
63. Hairspray Hurricane 5:32 LEATHER TEETH Carpenter Brut
64. Vandal (feat. Gold Reaper) 4:06 Horse Blood Judge Bitch
65. Robot Warfare 4:09 Underworld CYBERTHING!
66. Spirit Warriors 6:33 Lair of the Dragon Wolf and Raven
67. Adrenaline Burst 4:58 Malignant Force Midnight Danger
68. Fugitive 2:58 White Crows Meteor
69. The End of Time (3FORCE Remix) 4:42 The Darkness Scandroid
70. BODY/PRISON 2:44 BODY/PRISON Health & Perturbator
71. Dark All Day 5:27 Dark All Day Gunship
72. Big Dark 4:32 The Order of Chaos DEADLIFE
73. State of Grace 6:39 Americana Vol. 3 Bart Graft
74. Wave 4:32 Kids The Midnight
75. Static (feat. The Midnight) 4:54 Night Drive Timecop1983
76. Don’t Make Me Wait (Feat. Stewart Lockwood) 4:05 Cycles Duett
77. Isolated 3:55 ULTRAPARANOIA Trevor Something
78. Sleepwalking 4:52 Sleepwalking (Album) [Deluxe Edition] NINA
79. I’ll Rescue You 3:43 Pixel Dust Dana Jean Phoenix
80. Analogie Synthétique 4:03 Chrome Debbie Tebbs

E: electro

81. Cosmic Address 3:45 Cosmos Kittin
82. Black Walls 4:04 Black Walls Chromatics
83. River (feat. Cora Novoa) 3:42 Burn Little Boots
84. Shadows 4:27 Young Romance Roosevelt
85. This Means War (Album Version) 4:04 Mortal Longing Sleepthief
86. Surface to Air (feat. Self Esteem) 3:41 Marble Skies Django Django
87. Kazuashita 8:08 Kazuashita Gang Gang Dance
88. Defender 7:25 Murmurations Simian Mobile Disco & Deep Throat Choir
89. Alumni Precursor 5:21 The Executive Pleasure Model
90. L’Ordre Cannibale 9:21 Parler Musique Bézier
91. Boom Boom Tap 4:06 No Tourists The Prodigy
92. Electricity 3:29 Bunny Matthew Dear
93. Diet Gum 7:25 Love Is Magic John Grant
94. Her Desire Is To Be Left Alone 2:33 Sacrifices Prefuse 73
95. You People Are Fucked 2:45 Passion Demdike Stare
96. T.M.I 5:17 Impossible Star Meat Beat Manifesto
97. The Abyss of Doubt 3:35 Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography) JLin
98. He Was Shot By One Of Brian’s Children Holding The Cats Hostage In A Cardboard Box 5:05 She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground Venetian Snares
99. Like a Motherless Child 4:37 Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt Moby

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